Review of Out of Africa by Karen Blixen

Out of Africa Review

Title: Out of Africa Author: Isak Dinesen (pen name of Baroness Karen Blixen) Year Published: 1937 Places Explored: Kenya, especially Nairobi and the Ngong Hills area My Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ Review: I knew basically from the iconic first line, “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of Ngong Hills”, that I would enjoy this book and I’m so glad I read it! The basic outline … Continue reading Out of Africa Review

50 Tips for Your First Trip Abroad

As I’m preparing to head back to Europe in a few months, I’ve been thinking back to my first trip “abroad” and I thought I could share some advice, so I’ve compiled a list of 50 tips that I would give to someone heading out for their first international trip! The Basics #1: Pick somewhere on the beaten path. I know, I know, everyone’s always … Continue reading 50 Tips for Your First Trip Abroad

Where to See the World's Wildlife

Where to See the World’s Wildlife

Recently I was doing some research for our upcoming Peru trip, and I started looking beyond the Amazon to see where you can see some of the world’s coolest wildlife! I made a list and thought I’d share it here… Unless otherwise noted, I haven’t actually visited any of these places, but my sources say they are your best bet to see these amazing animals! … Continue reading Where to See the World’s Wildlife

Havana for Pirate Enthusiasts - 5 Swashbuckling Things to Do

Havana for Pirate Enthusiasts: 5 Swashbuckling Things to Do

Ahoy, mateys! Before heading to Havana for a month I did a lot of research – and one of the things I tried to find out was if there was any interesting “pirate stuff” that you could see in Cuba. I’ve loved pirates since I first read Treasure Island in second grade, and that interest was further fueled by the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and a … Continue reading Havana for Pirate Enthusiasts: 5 Swashbuckling Things to Do

Under a Lucky Star by Roy Chapman Andrews

Under a Lucky Star Review

Title: Under a Lucky Star – A Lifetime of Adventure Author: Roy Chapman Andrews, American naturalist, explorer, and director of the American Museum of Natural History Year Published: 1943 Places Explored: The Arctic, The South Pacific, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia My Rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ Review: I first heard of Roy Chapman Andrews about eight years ago, when I was in high school and picked up a book called Dragon … Continue reading Under a Lucky Star Review

Travel Video: Traditional Greek Dance

Travel Video: Traditional Greek Music & Dance

When we hopped off the Metro at Syntagma Square in Athens, we were lucky enough to catch this performance of traditional Greek music and dancing! It was cool enough that I had to get a video… The first short clip is of a street performer playing a traditional Greek bouzouki near the Acropolis, and after that you can see two different dances that we saw … Continue reading Travel Video: Traditional Greek Music & Dance