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2017 Travel Plans

Just wanted to do a quick post on the travel that is planned for this year! It should be an exciting year, since it’s my first full year out of college, so I have more vacation time and a bit more funding for travel. Here’s what’s planned:

London, Paris & Amsterdam

Next month, my sister Rebecca and I will be heading to Europe to celebrate her graduation! She is graduating with her BFA and since we are both interested in art and art history, we will be doing an art-focused tour of Europe. We will be attending cultural events, seeing castles, visiting art museums and other places of interest in London, Paris and Amsterdam, three of Europe’s most artistic cities! I’m excited to see London again, to spend a bit more time getting to know Paris, and to check out Amsterdam for the first time. Stay tuned for blog posts after our trip!

Bonneville Speed Week

Ryan is excited to head out to Bonneville Speed Week again this year, and I will most likely join him again. The Bonneville Salt Flats are pretty cool anytime of year, but for a week each August they transform into Bonneville Speedway, the place where land speed records are set! It’ll be fun to go again this year and see the action. You can check out videos from last year here!


Finally, sometime this fall Ryan and I will be heading to Peru! We plan to see Machu Picchu and other Incan ruins in the Cusco/Sacred Valley area, head to the Amazon for a few days to see wildlife and experience the rainforest, and finish up with a couple of days in Lima, Peru’s capital. It should be a really memorable trip!

It should be another great year for travel! How about you? What do you have planned for this year?

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