5 Things That Made Me Hate the City of Love

I visited Paris knowing that it wouldn’t be quite like it’s portrayed in the movies. I had friends who’d told me that the city was dirty and unfriendly, and I expected that, being one of the most-visited cities in the world, it would suffer from many of the issues that hordes of tourists bring. However, I perhaps had an even worse time in Paris than … Continue reading 5 Things That Made Me Hate the City of Love

Quick Guide: Coroico

IN SHORT I really loved Bolivia, and especially Coroico. It’s a really beautiful area, the people are very friendly, the Spanish is easy to understand, and everything is really cheap (think 75 cents for a meal with a Coke). It’s definitely a wonderful area to explore. BEST ATTRACTIONS 1. UAC – Carmen Pampa The UAC (Universidad Academica Campesina) at Carmen Pampa¬†educates the local young people … Continue reading Quick Guide: Coroico

7 Ways to Travel While in College

College is an interesting stage of life–you have much more time than money, and more freedom to make your own choices than ever before. With that freedom, many students want to travel. After all, college is when you start to find out who you are as an Adult Person and discover what you really want to do in life. Travel can help! However, with having … Continue reading 7 Ways to Travel While in College

Quick Guide: Edinburgh

IN SHORT People often think of Paris as a literary city, but Edinburgh has a fascinating history of its own in that respect. Great writers like Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have called Edinburgh home, and even J.K. Rowling is said to have penned much of the first Harry Potter novels in a cafe sitting below Edinburgh Castle (inspiration … Continue reading Quick Guide: Edinburgh

10 Free London Attractions

London is a fabulous, cosmopolitan city with a plethora of things to do. Luckily for the budget-savvy traveler, quite a few of those awesome things are also free! Here are a list of some of my favorite free London attractions. 1. British Museum The British Museum is full of art, archaeological specimens, and historical artifacts. There’s so much to see there–the game-changing Rosetta Stone, the … Continue reading 10 Free London Attractions

Puerto Rican Food and Drink

Puerto Rican cuisine is all about the two P’s: pork and plantains. There’s also a lot of rice and fried food, all of it delicious and most of it pretty un-spicy. This surprises a lot of people who are expecting something along the lines of Mexican food, with lots of peppers and hot sauce. Instead, comida criolla in Puerto Rico is all about satisfying,¬†flavorful¬†dishes.¬†Here’s a … Continue reading Puerto Rican Food and Drink

10 Free & Cheap Puerto Rico Attractions

As a popular tourist destination, Puerto Rico can be a little pricey, especially if you’re staying in Old San Juan (one of the most beautiful areas!) near where the cruise ships dock. But never fear! There are plenty of free and cheap things to do once you get there! Here are some of our favorites. Near San Juan 1. Old San Juan Old San Juan … Continue reading 10 Free & Cheap Puerto Rico Attractions