Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Travel Video

Bonneville Speed Week Travel Video

Well, we made it back home from Bonneville Speed Week late Tuesday night, in one piece and remarkably unsunburnt. We had a great time, though to call it a “vacation” would be a stretch, and to call it relaxing or any word close to it would be an outright lie. There were, however, fast cars (some over 400mph!), not-as-fast-but-still-cool hot rods and vintage cars, lots and lots of sunshine, the smell of nitromethane, and salt that got everywhere and in everything.

While I’m working on the official blog post about our trip (with lots of photos!) and a travel guide (in case you want to go next year), I wanted to post this travel video I made that should give a good feel for the things we experienced in our four days at the salt flats. Enjoy!

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