Epic American Road Trip

Epic American Road Trip

This August Ryan and I set off on a 4500-mile road trip around the American West that we affectionately called “Epic American Road Trip”. Along the way we traversed nine states and visited six national parks over the course of 10 days. I’d like to share our adventure here. The links to each day of our trip are below: [In Progress] Days 0 & 1: Home … Continue reading Epic American Road Trip

9 Days in Bolivia with Engineers Without Borders

Bolivia with Engineers without Borders

In August of this year I traveled to Bolivia with my university’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders. We have a clean water project there, and our mission was to go down and install a chlorinator. The project is at the University Academica Campesina (UAC) in Carmen Pampa, which is near Coroico, Bolivia. The UAC educates the local people in subjects like agronomy, nursing, tourism, and … Continue reading Bolivia with Engineers without Borders

An Adventurous Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Things have been crazy for me this year–I got married, bought a house, honeymooned in Puerto Rico, and traveled to Bolivia, all while going to school and working and that sort of stuff. As the year is drawing to a close, I’d like to share a little about my travels this year, starting with a little bit about our time in Puerto Rico. First Night … Continue reading Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

London: Harrods, Abbey Road & British Museum

Today, our last day in London, was definitely a fun day! Sarah, Tawny, Emily, the other Laura, and Chase joined us for the first part of the day (we split up at lunch time). We started out by visiting one of the oldest and largest department stores in the world, Harrods. It’s known as a very fancy department store, but many of the items there … Continue reading London: Harrods, Abbey Road & British Museum

London: Westminster Abbey & Piccadilly Circus

​Today we got up early to finish packing and catch our train to London. As we were walking to our subway station and saying goodbye and good riddance to Paris, we were greeted by a scene of two men fighting fairly violently right in front of our subway station. It was pretty scary. One of them was whacking the other one with who knows what … Continue reading London: Westminster Abbey & Piccadilly Circus

The Louvre

Paris: The Louvre & Montmartre

​I dislike Paris again. I think I must have a sort of love-hate, off-again on-again relationship with this city. Or maybe it gives a bad first impression, then you warm up to it, but then when you delve deeper you realize it really is a dirty, unfriendly city. ​But let’s start with something more pleasant. On our way to The Louvre this morning there were … Continue reading Paris: The Louvre & Montmartre

Notre Dame gargoyles

Paris: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe & Notre Dame

Well I have to say, after today my opinion of Paris has improved quite a bit, though I still think people tend to overrate it and overlook other fascinating destinations. Breakfast this morning was orange juice and two croissants. It was pretty good, though it turns out it cost about $10 from the hotel, so for tomorrow’s breakfast we just bought something from the grocery … Continue reading Paris: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe & Notre Dame


Paris: Chunnel & Eiffel Tower at Night

​Today we said goodbye to Edinburgh, and it was quite sad–I’d enjoyed Scotland even more than I’d expected to. We took a train back to what feels like our “home” base here in Europe, London. The countryside was just as beautiful as it was on the way there, and I’ve included a few pictures. We stayed in London for a few hours, waiting to get … Continue reading Paris: Chunnel & Eiffel Tower at Night


Edinburgh: Calton Hill, Firth of Forth & Greyfriars Bobby

Today was our free day in Edinburgh, and we packed in a lot! We started out with a quest to find a tin whistle, something Mickey wanted to buy while she was here. We hadn’t found any in the last two days, but she’d found a place online last night which opened at 10am, so at 9:00 we set off and got off the bus … Continue reading Edinburgh: Calton Hill, Firth of Forth & Greyfriars Bobby