5 Fantastic Puerto Rico Day Trips

Fantastic Day Trips from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known as the “Isle of Enchantment” (a nickname I completely support) but if you have more than a few days on the island and you don’t make it out of San Juan, you may miss out on some of its gems. The island is relatively small; no city is further than about a 2 hour drive from San Juan, and a lot … Continue reading Fantastic Day Trips from San Juan, Puerto Rico

DIY Pressed Fern Botanical Art

Botanical prints are extremely popular these days, but I like to add a touch of realism (as well as some “naturalist” vibes that go well with my British colonial-ish, world-traveler decor aesthetic) by using real plants! In this project, I made a collection of three framed, pressed ferns for under $15! To do the same, you will need… Frames with mats (I got three from Wal … Continue reading DIY Pressed Fern Botanical Art

7 Awesome Museums in Havana, Cuba

Here’s a quick lineup of my seven favorite museums of the ones I visited in Havana, Cuba! I’ve included collage images of each of the museums as well as a description of what each offers. Hopefully it will provide inspiration for your trip to Havana! 1. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – Cubano I loved this museum! There’s some really gorgeous art here, and it’s … Continue reading 7 Awesome Museums in Havana, Cuba

Beginner’s Guide to the Louvre

If you’re traveling to Paris, the Louvre should be in your Top 3 (right up there with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower). It’s a world-renowned museum with a vast collection of art, so it can be a little intimidating to visit. I’d like to share my experience at the Louvre and hopefully give you some advice for your visit. 1. Research before you go … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to the Louvre

The Louvre

Paris: The Louvre & Montmartre

​I dislike Paris again. I think I must have a sort of love-hate, off-again on-again relationship with this city. Or maybe it gives a bad first impression, then you warm up to it, but then when you delve deeper you realize it really is a dirty, unfriendly city. ​But let’s start with something more pleasant. On our way to The Louvre this morning there were … Continue reading Paris: The Louvre & Montmartre