Quick Guide: Coroico

IN SHORT I really loved Bolivia, and especially Coroico. It’s a really beautiful area, the people are very friendly, the Spanish is easy to understand, and everything is really cheap (think 75 cents for a meal with a Coke). It’s definitely a wonderful area to explore. BEST ATTRACTIONS 1. UAC – Carmen Pampa The UAC (Universidad Academica Campesina) at Carmen Pampa¬†educates the local young people … Continue reading Quick Guide: Coroico

9 Days in Bolivia with Engineers Without Borders

Bolivia with Engineers without Borders

In August of this year I traveled to Bolivia with my university’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders. We have a clean water project there, and our mission was to go down and install a chlorinator. The project is at the University Academica Campesina (UAC) in Carmen Pampa, which is near Coroico, Bolivia. The UAC educates the local people in subjects like agronomy, nursing, tourism, and … Continue reading Bolivia with Engineers without Borders