Waterfalls of Yellowstone

Waterfalls of Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park has 45 named waterfalls and cascades, and hundreds more that are less-known and unnamed. The park is large and I know when I was trying to prioritize which waterfalls I wanted to visit I didn’t find very many resources! Because of that, I wanted to make this video as we drove through Yellowstone. It shows seven of the more-accessible waterfalls in the park.

Two of the big ones, Tower Falls and the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone (especially from Inspiration Point) are very well-known and shouldn’t be missed. Since they’re so popular, they’re also easy to get to in the park, though I recommend going earlier in the day as they can get crowded! The Kepler Cascades are also very popular, but I think mostly because they are only 2.5 miles from Old Faithful, so they get a lot of traffic.

Gibbon Falls and Undine Falls are two that are a little less popular, but I loved seeing them both. Gibbon Falls is large and kind of unique looking… almost “slouchy” if that makes sense, and it’s located not far from Madison Junction. Undine Falls is pretty, close to Mammoth, and a very short hike off the road. Both of these falls were wonderful but less-visited… I didn’t have to elbow anyone out of the way to get these videos!

That brings us to our favorite and least favorite of the seven. Wraith Falls is a relatively short (0.8 miles roundtrip), pretty hike into the woods, but when we reached it we were disappointed to find that it was little more than a trickle. Especially for being the most difficult one to reach on this list, we were a little disappointed. Moose Falls, on the other hand, was really fun. It’s a very short hike down near the bridge over Crawfish Creek. It’s a cute little waterfall, and I’m told you can even swim at its base if you’re so inclined. I think that it’s lesser-known because when you’re driving Yellowstone north to south (which seems to be the popular way to go) the sign only says “Crawfish Creek”, whereas when you’re traveling south to north (as we were) “Moose Falls” is actually indicated on the sign. It was probably our favorite since it was such a scenic spot… we wished we’d packed a picnic to eat there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide (and video) to some of Yellowstone’s waterfall gems… This is just a quick intro, so for information about even more waterfalls at this national park, you may want to check out this Waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park guide. I hope to go back someday and explore even more of its waterfalls, but for now these seven were a great start!

A guide to Yellowstone National Park's waterfalls

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