2016 Travel Plans

2016 Travel Plans

I know the year is more than half over, but I wanted to announce where we’ll be traveling this year! Of course, I had a couple of days in Upstate New York for work, but I didn’t have much time to explore there. I’m much more excited about my upcoming trips!

Bonneville Speed Week in Utah

Bonneville Speed Week is on, after being cancelled the last two years, so Ryan and I will be heading out there this August! Speed Week is an annual event that takes place on the Bonneville Salt Flats, and it’s where many land speed records have been set over the years! We will be flying out to Salt Lake City and camping at the Bend. I look forward to revisiting the almost-alien landscape of the Salt Flats and to experience this event that Ryan has wanted to go to (and, let’s be honest, participate in!) since he was young. I expect we’ll meet a lot of people and see a lot of vehicles that Ryan will recognize but I won’t. It should be a good trip though!


I’ve wanted to visit Greece for pretty much forever, and this year Ryan and I are going! To make it work with our limited vacation this year, we’ll be going over Thanksgiving. It’s not the ideal time for beachgoing, but it’s supposed to be a good time of year for hiking. And of course, it’ll be warmer than it is back home anyway! We are going for about a little over a week, and will be visiting Athens and Santorini for sure. We will probably do a few days renting a car to travel to Delphi and Meteora as well, but we’ll see! Anyway, we look forward to going and I’m looking forward to lots of new posts about the trip!


The other place we are thinking about going this year (if we can fit in a trip there) is Chicago, mainly because I really, really want to see the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the Field Museum before it leaves at the beginning of next year! Also, because Minneapolis-Chicago flights are super cheap and we could do it in a weekend. Anyway, we are hoping to fit it in with all of our other travels this year if possible…

Really looking forward to next year, when I’ll have full vacation days… I have so many plans for where to go then! 😉

What about you? Have any traveling planned for the rest of 2016?

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