Warwick Castle, England

London: Warwick Castle & Wicked in the West End

Michaela and I after seeing Wicked!

​Today was a great day–we took a 1.5 hour train ride to Warwick Castle and got to see part of the English countryside, which was very pretty–lots of sheep, dairy cows, and a few horses, with pretty rolling hills and everything is very green! (Our guess was that it’s because it rains so much here).

​The castle was very big, and the most fun I had was climbing up on the towers and ramparts, but we also got to see the splendid living areas in the castle, a peacock garden (full of live peacocks), and went through a little tour called “Kingmaker.” It was a great time.

We then ate at Subway for lunch. Subways are a little different in the UK–you can get a six inch sub and a drink for 3 pounds, and the drinks are only a small size that is much smaller than a US ‘small’ drink at a Subway there. They also asked if we wanted ‘salad’ on our sandwiches instead of asking what vegetables we wanted and had some kind of cheese that looked like pepperjack but was orange rather than white.

We rode the train back, stopped by the hotel to change, and then were off to see the musical Wicked! I’d never seen the show before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂 Then Mickey and I ate at Bella Italia, having some pizza and some sparkling lemonade. It made for a late night–that’s why this is so short!

Up tomorrow: Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tate Modern

After posting all these pictures, it looks like between the castle, peacocks, excessive basil on the pizza, and the musical Wicked the theme for today was green. Sweet dreams now!

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